An entirely free no-strings attached 1 hour session in the park, cafe, pub or wherever you feel comfortable where I can learn about you and you can decide if you want to join me. I'm the lowest pressure salesperson on earth, I'll almost certainly buy you a coffee, there might even be cake.


From £50 per month

Based on an in depth session of measuring all of your fitness and form components we’ll bring together an in depth training plan covering every aspect of running fitness. This can include any aspect of the athlete’s Agility, Balance, Coordination, Endurance, Flexibility, Speed and Strength as these are all crucial aspects of running fitness, despite most un-coached athletes focusing purely on Endurance and Speed. Also, crucially, we’ll take into consideration your availability and lifestyle factors and create a plan tailored to your requirements.

The plan can include, but is not limited to: intervals, strength exercises, stretching, drills, yoga, weights or cross-training where appropriate. I use TrainingPeaks as a way of assigning sessions to and keeping track of my athletes - you’ll receive a daily email detailing your required session for that day which will contain notes from me about focus points on form, drills and warm up/down.


Pricing reflects the number of hours of face to face coaching:

£50 per month - Training plan only

£110 per month - Monthly sessions

£160 per month - Fortnightly sessions

£250 per month - Weekly sessions

For athletes I see more than once a week the extra sessions are charged at £50 each.


Every grade of plan includes a Run With Wolves technical t-shirt.

For a single focused hour of pure one to one coaching on any aspect of running from how to run down technical muddy descents through to an all out speed session. If you have a single issue you’d like to resolve or can’t commit to a training plan this could be the option for you.

In the past these sessions have been used by intermediate athletes who can’t commit to a full on plan but want some extra help from time to time, half-marathoners looking to increase their speed and on more than one occasion helping an ultra-marathon competitor to run up and down hills properly.