Running Coaching:

I’m an England Athletics qualified running coach in South West London, based in Teddington and travelling throughout London. With a proven track record of improving and optimising athletes from the newest runners through to elites; whatever your goals, I can help.

Training plans of various shapes and sizes, as well as individual technical sessions are available, to see what I offer, please see the Sessions & Plans page. I’ve added an eGift Card option to the site now since a lot of enquiries came from people wanting to buy coaching for their partners, families and friends.

The name comes from my slightly wolfy looking dog (pictured below) who has been my running companion, she’s now got arthritis so doesn’t run anymore (or provide coaching).

People run for all kinds of different reasons; to race, for fitness, to lose weight, for charity, to escape the law. Whatever you're running for (or from) I will help you to run longer, further or faster and have more fun while doing it. My goal is to modernise running training, there is no set template which will work for individuals with individual needs, time pressures and interests so at Run With Wolves I will find a way which works for you.

I use a personal and data driven approach to performance and improvement at every level. This can be used alongside, and to inform, traditional coaching methods and advice about diet and lifestyle to help you become faster and fitter.


That's me pictured below (the one on the right).

It wont surprise you that I like running, especially on the trails or the roads. I race from 5k to Ultra-Marathon and everything in-between, my preferred distance is half-marathon - on or off road. It's not uncommon for people to list their PB's and running achievements in this space but I will stop short of that indulgence, I think I could successfully train people faster than me as well as those slower.



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