I provide as many sessions per week as the athlete requires and based on how many they can or wish to complete. These are provided through a free app called Training Peaks.

Drills, strength and flexibility exercises are also distributed to athletes as required.

During tapering or recovery periods for athletes I’ll happily suggest and plan out cross-training sessions on the bike, in the pool or in the gym.


At Run With Wolves I’m available to talk, text, email or whatever communication works best for you at a time when it’s convenient for you. I’m extremely responsive to my athletes and tend to respond immediately.

The remoteness of athletes needn’t be barrier with modern technology and I’ve performed gait analysis over Skype and run through warm ups for races on Facetime.

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Everything I do is based around the goals, requirements and limitations of the athlete themselves, I have no templates for training as each athlete has a different start and end point for their running needs.

Here at Run With Wolves I’ve helped people to run their first marathon, break PB’s on the track and just run better and more efficiently from a technical perspective.


I’m committed to helping my athletes but the only commitment I require from you is a monthly rolling plan which can be cancelled at any time.

The price is £50 per month for a full training plan and remote coaching from an England Athletics qualified coach including as many sessions per week as the athlete requires and covering all aspects of fitness and running skills.